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Get Involved

Elixir School is built by contributors, skilled and new alike! Help us make it better and extend the reach of Elixir to anyone that wants to learn. Below are a few ways to contribute.

Improve the Website

Elixir School is an open source project, with code hosted on GitHub. Take a look at the issues on the repository to find a task that interests you. Create a pull request when your change is ready and after review it will be merged into the codebase! See something you think should be improved? Feel free to open an issue or create a pull request with the change.

Translate Lessons

Lessons on Elixir School are translated into 25 different languages! If there is a lesson missing a translation that you can provide, translate it and create a pull request. As you read lessons, if you see an opportunity for improvement go ahead and create a pull request with the change, the next reader will thank you. Steps for translating a lesson are available on GitHub.

Contribute to the Blog

Have a topic related to Elixir that you are knowledgeable about and want to share? Write a blog post and it could be featured on the Elixir School post feed. This is a great way to contribute and get visibility for your post! Steps for submitting a post are available on GitHub.