ElixirConf 2019 Announcement

01 May 2019 · by Sean Callan and Sophie DeBenedetto in Announcements

We have some very exciting news to announce today!

Elixir School and ElixirConf are partnering up to offer two days of in-person workshops! What could make this exciting announce even better? LiveView, obviously! Join us for two days of hands-on training with Phoenix, Channels, LiveView, and property-based testing. We’ll look at the role these technologies play in today’s real-time web and how we can build bulletproof features in our applications.

But wait — there’s even more! In continued dedication to our mission of making Elixir learning accessible to everyone, we’ll be offering our workshops at a discount! The specific discount and details will be announced in a follow-up post along with instructions on how you can register.

Join Sean Callan (@doomspork), Sophie DeBenedetto (@SophieDeBenedetto), and Michael Stalker (@michaelstalker) for two awesome days of training in beautiful Denver, CO. Come for Day 1 or Day 2, or both, and level up your Elixir in a truly first-of-its-kind workshop.

After Day 1’s workshop, Harnessing the Real-Time Web with Phoenix, Channels, and Presence, you’ll come away with the experience to confidently create Phoenix applications from scratch and implement basic real-time features. Along the way, learn not only Elixir and Phoenix how-tos, but also testing and application design best practices while we work together on our applications.

On Day 2, we’ll explore the advanced features of Phoenix, the real-time web, and testing with Building Bulletproof Real-Time Applications with Phoenix, LiveView, and StreamData. Expanding on the applications used in Day 1 (attendance is not required but encouraged), we’ll incorporate features into our application that leverage the new LiveView library and we’ll ensure our features are well tested with property-based testing and StreamData.

What is ElixirConf?

ElixirConf is the premier US-based conference for the Elixir programming language. Created to advance the Elixir programming language and community by bringing together people from around the globe to collaborate and learn, we here at Elixir School are proud to be working together this year. We’re excited to be a part of a mission that aligns so closely with our own goal of making Elixir learning accessible to people around the world.

Head on over to the official ElixirConf site to keep up to date on the latest news and be sure to stay tuned for more from us: https://Elixirconf.com

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Sean Callan

Sean has been passionately involved with Elixir since the very beginning. After experiencing the joys of working with Elixir he created Elixir School and has become a core contributor to numerous libraries. During the day, Sean helps companies transition teams and codebases to Elixir.

Sophie DeBenedetto

Sophie is an engineer and teacher at The Flatiron School. She loves teaching and learning and finding the Elixir School community felt like the perfect fit!