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Why Elixir?

Elixir is a wonderful language but don't take our word for it. Let's look at some of the reasons you and your organization should adopt Elixir.


Data is not mutated, rather transformed, into a new set of data. By eliminating the ability to mutate state outside of scope, functional programs are often easier to follow and contain fewer bugs. This has the added benefit of improving support for concurrency and thus scalability of systems.

Focus on Functions

Problems are decomposed into simple functions with an emphasis on no side-effects. These "pure functions" always produce the same results for a given input and change nothing. Since functions are first class citizens in Functional Programming we're able to easily re-use our functions throughout our applications.

Easy to Test

The very nature of functional programming, small functions with no side-effects, makes testing easy. Bundled with Elixir is the venerable ExUnit library providing everything necessary to comprehensively test your applications.

Functional Programming

While its roots are in lambda calculus, functional programming can be fun, easy, and approachable for everyone! By focusing on breaking problems down into simple, side-effect free, functions we can ensure fewer bugs, better test coverage, while incrementally building our solutions through the composition of well tested functions.

Feature Packed

Elixir and the BEAM virtual machine pack a serious punch when it comes to features. With over 35 years of experience the Erlang runtime system has proven itself time and time again as solid platform for distributed, high-available systems.


Fault Tolerant


Compatible with Erlang



Vibrant Ecosystem

The community and ecosystem that have grown up with the language remain one of the alluring parts of Elixir.


The Elixir Slack is a popular destination for many in the community. Request your invite today!


A Slack alternative built with Elixir is fast becoming a popular chat option for the community. Be sure to check it out!


Prefer the forum format for your questions? No problem! Head over to Elixir Forum to join the conversation.


With over 150 meetups, you're sure to find local Elixir enthusiasts. Check out for more.


Be sure to follow the popular Elixir hashtags #MyElixirStatus, #WeBEAMTogether, and #Elixirlang on Twitter.


More to come...