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Articles authored by Elixir School contributors and members of the community.


Reviewing Elixircards

Elixircards show us how modern learning tools should work through their Elixir Decks.

ecto software design

A brief guide to Ecto.Multi

Learn how to compose and execute batches of queries using Ecto.Multi.

umbrellas software design

Umbrellas: Only When it Rains?

A look at umbrella applications and how they can help us write cleaner maintainable code.

Agnostic Version Management With asdf

Take a dive into flexible version management of Elixir, Erlang, and OTP with asdf!

phoenix review

Reviewing Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix

Lance Halvorsen shows us how to build our a guessing video game from the ground up using Elixir and OTP. In the end, he shows us how to build a fully working UI experience with Phoenix, Presence and Channels.

ecto software design

Ecto query composition

Follow along as we look at how to dynamically compose Ecto queries using pattern matching and reduction.

config software design

Configuration Demystified

We attempt to clear up some confusion around configuration by looking at the different types, the roles they play, and a different approach we could take.


Reviewing Elixir in Action, Second Edition

The first installment in our new series looking at, and reviewing, different learning materials available to the Elixir community.


Just the beginning

Announcing the official Elixir School blog: Appendix. Follow along to learn more about Elixir, functional programming, in addition to tips and tricks you can take advantage of when building Elixir applications. Join us to learn more!


A look at Elixir 1.6

Follow along as we take a peek at what’s inside the latest Elixir release. Learn more about the all new code formatter, exciting dynamic supervisors, and changes coming to your code editors that make working in Elixir even better!