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Articles authored by Elixir School contributors and members of the community.

config software design

Configuration Demystified

We attempt to clear up some confusion around configuration by looking at the different types, the roles they play, and a different approach we could take.

ecto software design

Ecto query composition

Follow along as we look at how to dynamically compose Ecto queries using pattern matching and reduction.

ecto software design

A brief guide to Ecto.Multi

Learn how to compose and execute batches of queries using Ecto.Multi.

umbrellas software design

Umbrellas: Only When it Rains?

A look at umbrella applications and how they can help us write cleaner maintainable code.

recursion software design

Understanding Recursion with Elixir

De-mystify the concept of recursion and gain a deeper understanding of how and why to use it by writing our very own recursive function in Elixir.

plug software design

Building web apps with Plug.Router

When it comes to building a web application with Elixir many people will immediately reach for Phoenix. However, did you know Plug.Router is just as viable an option? Sometimes, it can be even faster.

admissions software design

Building Elixir School’s Admissions portal

Follow along as we use build Elixir School’s Slack invite portal: Admissions.

liveview software design

LiveView Design Patterns - LiveComponent and the Single Responsibility Principle

It’s easy to end up with an overly complex LiveView that houses lots of business rules and responsibilities. We can use Phoenix.LiveComponent to build a LiveView feature that is clean, maintainable and adherent to the Single Responsibility Principle.