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Articles authored by Elixir School contributors and members of the community.

phoenix til liveview

Walk-Through of Phoenix LiveView

Learn how to use Phoenix LiveView for real-time features without complicated JS frameworks.

phoenix liveview

Building Real-Time Features with Phoenix Live View and PubSub

Integrate Phoenix PubSub with LiveView to build real-time features capable of broadcasting updates across a set of clients.

liveview presence

Tracking Users in a Chat App with LiveView, PubSub Presence

Use Phoenix Presence in your LiveView to track user state with just a few lines of code.


Using Channels with LiveView for Better UX

By pairing a custom Phoenix Channel with our LiveView, with the help of a Registry, we can respond to LiveView events with custom JavaScript on the client-side to provide better UX.


Building a Table Sort UI with Live View’s live_link

We’ll use LiveView’s live_link/2 together with the handle_params/3 callback to allow users to sort a table in real-time.

liveview software design

LiveView Design Patterns - LiveComponent and the Single Responsibility Principle

It’s easy to end up with an overly complex LiveView that houses lots of business rules and responsibilities. We can use Phoenix.LiveComponent to build a LiveView feature that is clean, maintainable and adherent to the Single Responsibility Principle.

phoenix telemetry instrumenting liveview

Instrumenting Phoenix with Telemetry and LiveDashboard

The recent release of the LiveDashboard library allows us to visualize our application metrics, performance and behavior in real-time. In this post, we’ll add LiveDashboard to our Phoenix app, examine the out-of-the-box features and take a look under the hood to understand how LiveDashboard hooks into Telemetry events in order to visualize them.

liveview libraries

Real-Time SVG Charts with Contex and LiveView

Learn how to use the Contex package to render server-side SVG charts that you can update in real-time with LiveView.

liveview components liveview helpers

Components with dynamic attributes

Learn how you can support dynamic attributes when using reusable components with assigns_to_attribute/2 function.