Building web apps with Plug.Router

When it comes to building a web application with Elixir many people will immediately reach for Phoenix. However, did you know Plug.Router is just as viable an option? Sometimes, it can be even faster.

Configuration Demystified

We attempt to clear up some confusion around configuration by looking at the different types, the roles they play, and a different approach we could take.

Just the beginning

Announcing the official Elixir School blog: Appendix. Follow along to learn more about Elixir, functional programming, in addition to tips and tricks you can take advantage of when building Elixir applications. Join us to learn more!

A look at Elixir 1.6

Follow along as we take a peek at what’s inside the latest Elixir release. Learn more about the all new code formatter, exciting dynamic supervisors, and changes coming to your code editors that make working in Elixir even better!